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About Us

Thembuland Royal Treasury Holdings Limited (“The Company”) is the corporate entity and the implementing entity of Thembuland Royal Empire. This company is a Socio-Economic Development company that places human development first. Our goals are very clear: We aim to eliminate all forms of hunger, poverty and starvation in our environment, and to replace the same with a highly industrialized society. To achieve our goals we work with all entities, institutions and individuals.

Our Industrialization Program is based on the premise that we must, and we will facilitate manufacturing of almost every item, goods, products, commodities, and the like that are consumed in South Africa, and beyond. This manufacturing starts from, and includes the smallest items like a needle, a pen, to large items like motor vehicles, aeroplanes, vessels (ships), locomotives and the like. Agro-processing is of great necessity. Beneficiation of minerals is top priority. The list is endless.

As a company our business is divided into two legs. One leg is Business Consulting Services. These are services that we offer to third parties. The other leg is the Industrialization Program. With Industrialization Program we run our own companies that we started. We also assist others to run their companies successfully in order to expand the national fiscal base.